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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Aunty Enn and Uncle Pete!

Sometimes you just know that things are going to be a bit strange when you work with Reach Out.
You get that feeling that its not going to be normal.
Such is the case a couple of Saturdays ago.
It all started quite innocently at the packing on Saturday afternoon.
Everyone working away, the usual chatter amongst this group of friends and volunteers when I got accidentally walloped on the head by a cardboard box.
Now, Jaja can pack a serious bear hug, and I found out she can also pack a fair thump with a cardboard box.
Then, a short time after, I hear one of our middle aged ladies calling "uncle, uncle".
I look round and discover she is calling me!!!
UNCLE????? ME??????
Outbursts of uncontrolled giggling ensued, led by our dear Enn, who was in tears from laughing so much.
UNCLE??? ME???
So I said to Milo and Enn after the packing that I thought it was going to be a strange sort of day. Revenge was in the air for the "Uncle" statement! After all I'm still young........(at heart)!
Off we go, midnight run and at our second stop I saw Feexa involved in a lengthy discussion with a new face on the streets, a middle aged Chinese gentlemen.
Joining the conversation he said to me that he wasn't in fact homeless, but had only come to see what this street feeding was all about as he had heard about it.
The fact that he was shoeless, a little disheveled, and had a piece of black rope tied round his trousers as a belt, led me to believe that this poor soul was not what he was claiming to be.
He was also wearing very thick round framed glasses.
The reason I mention the glasses will become apparent shortly as this tale unfolds.
So he said to me that he was so happy to see young people (pointing at Feexa) doing this type of work. I giggled.
"That's the missus" I explained.
He was quite shocked and said that he thought Feexa was only 23 years old.
I giggled again and got slapped by Feexa!
He then exclaimed that if I was her other half then I must have been a cradle snatcher!
This time Feexa giggled. She didn't get slapped!
Rather embarrassed he then told that actually I looked only late 30's, so that made up for things and certainly stopped Feexa's giggling.
Mind you it took a while for me to get Feexa back to normal from the "23 year old syndrome" that had kicked in.
Off we go on our travels and make our way down to the market in Pudu where Enn meets up with a client and passes him his food packet.
This chap then asks us to wait and he goes and gets a new chap we didn't know, introduces him to Enn, and we also give him a food packet.
Revenge is sweet.
When our new client takes the packet, Siva, (Enn's street friend), in a fierce voice says:
"Hey, you thank Aunty for the food ok".
AUNTY!!!!! AUNTY ENN!!!! Hehehehehehehehehehehe.
Revenge is mine!
There was a lot of giggling that strange day.

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