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Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Frontline Revolution.

Sometimes life is really funny.

Don't mean yahoo, haha type funny, but just sort of weird funny.

Strange may be a better description!

Just when things seem really tough a revolution happens.

Not evolution, (that's a step by step process), but a huge, smack you in the face, mind blowing revolution of change at one go.

And you can't figure out why.

You think you may know but then when you analyse it, you can't really make out the reason.

And that's where I am right now.

How did this happen? Why? What?

It started at the end of July when members of our Committee and operational staff resigned owing to operational differences and walked away. The founders stayed.

We picked this up and with Feexa and Jenny we got things sorted very quickly. Zakir came on board as a Committee member and the founders reformed a new Committee in double quick time. New Run Leaders stepped forward (Mustaqim, Zakir, Shazana), and with our old teams of myself, Amin, Jenny and Feexa we never missed a step. Maple, one of our founders took up the post of VP and Tiki one of our original members came onto the Committe

Runs continued uninterrupted.

Feexa gave up her normal job to focus on putting everything in place.

We got new sponsors, huge numbers of new volunteers, a new packing and storage place.

People just appeared and the response was quite incredible. I have never seen such a response.


I am still totally stunned!

Whatever we needed for our street friends just appeared through donors responding to Feexa's Wish List Campaign.

Zakir got our Twitter account up and running. He got our Google calender up and running and volunteer databases in place.

Our registration came on in leaps and bounds and we have a great facility to pack on Saturdays, register volunteers and do the necessary briefing and awareness briefings courtesy of Dato Mustaffa and all at Amcop Security Resources.

Volunteers are out in their Reach Out t-shirts.

But the key was the response from the good folks out there.

That's what stunned me.

Volunteers came in huge numbers. They packed. They came to food distributions late at night, in the afternoons and whenever we needed folks.

The Sahur for the Homeless event on Friday 19th August was a perfect example of this. The use of social networking and word of mouth saw 105 volunteers arrive. They came by car, bus, train, motorcycle, on foot, in fact any way they could. They came in the pouring rain and high wind.

They brought gifts or just themselves and friends.

Some just came by themselves because they wanted to.

Because they cared.

I watched the volunteers interact with our street friends, some of the volunteers never having been on the street before and I was humbled. I was almost in tears when I saw the compassion.

Compassion in action. True compassion. No agendas. Just a care for those in need.

It was then that I realised that Reach Out had turned the corner. It had moved to a level I had always hoped we could achieve. Something my darling Feexa and I had dreamed off.

You see, Reach Out has been evolving, step by step.

But by 5am Saturday morning when we finished operations after the sahur event and street feeding operations, I realised there had been a revolution!

There had been a huge shift in Reach Out.

I got home exhausted. I sat down, lit a ciggie and cried.

I don't cry. Not in my style. But I cried. Tears of thanks. Tears of joy. Tears of hope.

I saw hope in our revolution. I saw so many people who care, who can share our vision, and who do it without thought. They worked with the poor because it was the right thing to do and for no other reason.

I saw hope for humanity. In our little world of Reach Out I saw hope on our own doorstep.

I still can't explain it. I can only see the circumstances that took place on the streets over the last few weeks. I can only thank God for this blessing that we have been given, that we have been allowed to do the work we do and can ,with guidance, make the difference to those in need.

The people of Reach Out are true warriors. No medals, no glory, no titles.

Warriors on the frontline of the fight to eradicate poverty in all its forms.

I am proud to lead and share "The Frontline".

I am proud to walk with these warriors.


  1. Touching ! I feel the same way my darling husband :)

  2. Except for i did not give up my normal job... I just put my business aside first until REACH OUT gets back to it's feet which will be soon ! yeayy!!

  3. Sorry dear, yes put aside, but you did.without thought. Without asking. Without any fear. You put this as a priority because it needed to be done. So proud of you always.

  4. Peter said : I don't cry. Not in my style. But I cried. Tears of thanks. Tears of joy. Tears of hope.

    Oreen said : I do cry. Its my style.

  5. Ive seen too much to cry Oreen. But just sometimes, just for the moment, when I get the realisation of the magnitude of what has happenned, I am overcome. Not sadness. But with thanks for what Ive been allowed to share.